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Latest independent Test News Report 25-4-2011

Latest independent Test News Report 25-4-2011 from within China , Chengdu

[Translation of NewsPaper Report] 16:24 April,25th,2011 ChinaNews

April 25th Xinhua Chengdu (Week Didier)

“The latest earthquake early warning system
developed in Chengdu  Only
4 seconds after the earthquake, earthquake
early warning issued”

“Twenty-two, twenty-one…” at
13:05:45 on April 25th, the latest earthquake early warning system which is being developed in Chengdu issued an Earthquake Warning Countdown. “Woo
-” of  22 seconds !

The Seismological Bureau of Sichuan
Province” and the Chengdu High-tech Disaster “Institute of Care Life” issued
the warning. It was confirmed by the seismic network in Sichuan
Province that from the actual earthquake to arriving into earthquake early
warning network system only took 4 seconds. This means that newly developed
earthquake early warning system was successfully tested.

The earthquake early warning system countdown
is the remaining time to which the potentially destructive seismic S-waves (seismic wave) will spread from the epicentre to target, Chengdu.

Meanwhile, the early warning system
monitoring screen also shows the location of the epicenter “We chuan”, plus the
estimated magnitude of 2.7. This was Confirmed by Sichuan Seismic Network later,
at 13:05:41 that
a 2.7 magnitude earthquake occurred in We chuan.

The Early warning system took only 4 seconds
to issue the 22 seconds early warning before the Earthquake struck.

Studies show that this type of Earthquake
early warning can earn more time for everyone to escape, before the destructive
earthquake waves arrive. Since we now can get this time, the casualties in the
earthquake will be greatly reduced.

According to reports, the earthquake early
warning alert was issued by the Early Warning network system which is now laid
in the Wenchuan area. It covers the area from Wenchuan to Qingchuan.

The Tests were held by the Seismological Bureau of Sichuan Province and
Chengdu High-tech “Care Life Institute”, and the leaders and in addition the
experts in China Seismological Bureau have given related technical guidance
about this test..

It is understood that the Earthquake early
warning is achieved by laying a relatively dense network, (about 5-20 km
station spacing) of the seismic observation devices, so when the earthquake
occurs, using the speed difference between Seismic p-waves and using radio communication
waves, with computer network communication sending ahead a warning to the
target receivers before damaging seismic s-waves arrive. From that we can reduce
Earthquake disasters especially earthquake disasters within this systems

The key point
of earthquake early warning system is the use of detecting the seismic p-wave
data in the first few seconds estimating magnitude and the epicenter location and sending
the time of arrival to the target receivers exactly.” (End)

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