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Proactive Drill Activation

The SOLUZION proactive Drill activation

The SOLUZION communication system can be used in reverse in order to activate practice Drill and Exercise alarms within specific communities or sectors. The drills can be activated from the local emergency management agency or specified control centre. With each ‘networked sensor’ identified on a central monitor, individual or clusters of buildings can be ‘drill activated’ in conjunction with Emergency Services exercises, when practicing for seismic, volcanic, tsunami, flood, avalanche, landslide, wild fires and extreme meteorlogical events.

This facility might fall in line with future strategies to address the use of reliable predictions for seismic events. A completely different approach will be required as and when ‘reliable predictions’ become guaranteed. There already a variety of scientific approaches competing to provide these prediction facilities. The question is what do you do with the information. For certain you will require a comprehensive and dynamic communication system, familiar to all individuals with multiple options of alerts to quarantee that the messages get through to those potentially affected. SOLUZION offers that system.