Integrating P-wave EW Systems

P-wave early warning Systems are designed for use by

Governments, Military, Commerce & Industry, Agencies, Communities & Individuals

‘Together Creating The Dynamic SOLUZION

How Does a P-wave EWS produce those vital extra seconds of real time early warning?

The P-wave product range should offer a dynamic opportunity to develop real time early warnings directly into the Home, Office, School, Hospital, Emergency Services, the Military facilities, Utilities and other critical infrastructure and indirectly via SMS or Pager messaging integration to support the ever increasing more reliable prediction sciences, giving vital reactionary seconds before the destructive forces hit. Mobile sensor alarms packs have been assemble for USAR and Local Emergency Teams in field.

P-wave System should allow for a coordinated monitoring capability for quick assessment of the geographical boundaries of seismic events within 3minutes.

The P-wave System provides the opportunity to integrate with other hazard type early warning systems providing a united communication and data integration facility, relaying real time warnings through Disaster Management Centers potentially to every individual within an affected region using Wireless, Ethernet, Satellite and SMS technology and additional bespoke pagers.

The inherent dynamics within properly designed P-wave sensors, relays, transceivers and software systems allows a multitude of future opportunities to develop and integrate as real time early warning technology and reliable advanced early warning science unfolds.

P-wave earthquake early warning systems will always have a usefulness to confirm the exact arrival of a destructive S-wave  with a minute of rupture, but only for those outside a blind zone of 25 to 30kms radius from Epi-centre. Hence the importance of advance early warning, with the identification of the genesis of the earthquake. 

Earthquake Early Warning Systems

Our commitment to establishing Earthquake Early Warning Launch of  AEEWS Advanced Earthquake Early Warning System AEEWS Combined Briefings. Project Proposal. Benefits. Science. “Advanced Earthquake Early Warning” AEEWS. providing 99% reliable location and magnitude and narrow time window of the event occurrence hours to days in advance. Not Prediction. Not Forecasting. Not Statistical. Real monitoring of the genesis …


The SOLUZION System is designed for use by Governments, Military, Commerce & Industry, Agencies, Communities & Individuals ‘Together Creating The Dynamic SOLUZION‘ The Analysis of SOLUZION What would happen if everyone could get ‘real time’ early warning of Earthquakes, Landslides, Tsunamis, Cyclones and Floods, straight into their homes, offices, hospital, school, in fact to every …

USAR/Emergency Services

The SOLUZION System is designed for use by Governments, Military, Commerce & Industry, Agencies, Communities & Individuals Front Line Emergency Responders are vulnerable to aftershocks within collapsed buildings and unstable environments SOLUZION now offers a credible safety alarm option to give immediate warning of approaching aftershocks, directly to Team Members personal radios giving vital seconds …

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