All technologies presented and discussed within our website are systems devised and owned by others, with whom we may have worked with and contributed to their development or we believe by the fact of its understatement or its lead within the sector could make significant contributions to sustainability and to Disaster Risk Reduction 
As sought by the 2015 UN Sendai Framework For Action

‘Soluzion’ makes a significant contribution to bringing the science to DRR strategy  including Seismic Forecasting; Real Time Early Warning; Water Resource Management; Atmospheric Modification addressing air pollution and rain enhancement;  Developing Resilience within the Built Environment; Developing DRR Legal framework mechanisms.

The UN Sendai Framework is a critical mechanism for Global Strategy in developing Disaster Risk Reduction strategies for creating resilience to Natural Hazards and Climate Change within all communities

This YouTube UN presentation explains the background and goals to the Sendai Framework [link]


Latest Publications: 

New articles written by the Soluzion Team

Agriculture Development Opportunities For Diversification And Sustainable Enhancement Strategies For Nepal

Link on picture

Agriculture Development Opportunities For Diversification And Sustainable Enhancement Strategies For Nepal [referenced]


Water Resource Management Discussions

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“The Joys and Challenges of Desalination”

Published online by “Water World” India

The Joys and Challenges of Desalination. Water World. Published online Nov 2019. pdf


“Water Crisis and its Underlying issues”

Published online by “Agriculture World” India   

Published Aug 2019. Agriculture World India. Water Resource Management

Agriculture World Magazine  August 2019 Full Issue

AW August’ 2019 Web        


Waste Management Strategies discussions


EEWS Update 15-12-19  Nepal

[7 minute video link via dropbox file]


EEWS Latest Press Release : 

ICL Earthquake Early Warning System being installed in Nepal [Link] & Indonesia


China now has the worlds largest Seismic Early Warning Network” [link] 



2018-04-13 13.00.55

May 2018  China launches a satellite to aid the Ertha SensorNet teams observations for seismic forecasting


 we persevere with supporting

 A multidisciplinary Approach to Earthquake Prediction Explained

UN 2019 Global Platform Conference Geneva  May 13th to 17th 2019

Using the IGNITE stage we again gave a presentation introducing delegates to the developments within Seismic Forecasting and the multi disciplinary approach 

below is the Power Point Presentation……. plus the video of the actual presentation

1215hrs 17-5-19 IGNITE_ Seismic Forecasting F2

link to Video of the IGNITE presentation  https://www.unisdr.org/conference/2019/globalplatform/programme/ignite-stage/view?id=1064

Nepal Earthquake Forecasts preliminary report [Link]




Real Time Early Warning Communications

[Including Reliable Earthquake Forecast Technology R&D link]


Environmental Technologies

[Poor Water Resource Management is Earths Nemesis]


Risk Management + Disaster Risk Reduction Modular Training

‘Together Creating the Dynamic SOLUZION’

 Receive ‘real time’ early warning of Earthquakes, Landslides, Tsunamis, Cyclones and Floods, straight into our homes, offices, hospital, school, in fact to every individual

[watch the earthquake early warning video]


Water Resource Management 

We launched yet another exciting breakthrough for solutions in DRR

on the IGNITE Stage  at

UN 2019 Global Platform Conference Geneva  May 13th to 17th 2019

Extracting purified water from the atmosphere is the next big resource industry. An untapped reservoir 

Below is the power point presentation . plus the video of the full presentation

1100hrs 17-5-19m IGNITE Atmospheric Water generation GP2019 F1

link to Video of the IGNITE presentation          https://www.unisdr.org/conference/2019/globalplatform/programme/ignite-stage/view?id=1059

Risk Management & Disaster Risk Reduction

Modular Training for Industry and Civil Defence Departments


Introduction to The SOLUZION Early Warning Systems


  • Now installed throughout China based in Sichuan Province, as fully operating ‘seismic early warning net works’ 
  •  Now integrated within the Chinese High Speed Train system as the primary seismic alarm and auto train ‘arrest’ system……..
  • Also operating in Haiti as a net work and through retail sales……..
  •  Tsunami early warning system enhancement technology available in the South Asia region………
  • APP now available within our networked regions to give your location anticipated intensity and a countdown to S-Wave arrival direct to your mobile device
  • The system now has direct feed into Chinese TV networks stations for Seismic EW messaging….activated in April
  • Presently  upgrading the SMS process system to independantly over ride present sms failures by integrating the  dynamic UMS Population alert system http://www.ums.no/wip4/
  • We are presently reviewing the use of mainstreaming data through satelite links enabling a far improved remote linkage between regionally activated hazard alarm coordinations
  • Soon……. to incorporate real time ‘event life modelling’ for floods and tsunamis, to be further developed for future siesmic real time event modelling
  • Soon……. development commences to incorporate the ‘perfect solution’ of combining Reliable Seismic Prediction with our comprehensive Real Time Early Warning Seismic Alarm System
  • We are now addressing the ‘New Approach’ to the social science of receiving seismic early warning and future reliable prediction messgaing   
The Real Time Earthquake Information Committee of Japan (REIC) Quoted that:
“In Japan 2 seconds of early warning time can reduce casualties by 25% with 5 seconds warning potentially reducing casualty rates by 80%”
If you have 5, 10  or 20 or even 40 seconds of Early warning, imagine the difference that this will make prior to an earthquake…… and tens of minutes of Early warning direct to the individual for Tsunamis…….with hours of Early warning direct to  individual homes and offices for Floods, Cyclones and Wildfires……..
A dynamic solution of event sensor integration, extensive alarm communication providing real time early warnings
SOLUZION offers the opportunity to Governments, Military and Industry to protect its citizens, personnel and employees
“In fact SOLUZION offers this opportunity direct to every individual”
Devices available through Government networked installations, private sponsor network installations or though wholesale, retail outlets and via Mail Order……. see our relevant web page
“95 percent of all deaths are caused within the first 15 seconds of an Earthquake and primarily caused by the surprise factor with casualties being unprepared, confused, uninformed or simply  being alseep“!

Actual System Activation Video

Real Earthquake Alarm Activation Video recording within Chengdu – Sichuan Province –  China –  May 27th 2011 soluzion quake demo

Launch Press Release Summary and full doc.

A Consortium of Chinese Scientists[Institute of Care Life] and International Disaster Reduction Consultants [Verus Vicis SOLUZION Consortio LLP] after four years of developing the dynamic real time early warning system branded SOLUZION launch to the world at the UN Global Platform Geneva offering both a networked system for governments and critical infrastructure plus integrated personal …

Launch Video Presentation 15mins

15 minute Video of the Launch at the UN Global Platform meeting in Geneva on the IGNITE stage http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=aXXNKzOhtlY Powerpoint that accompanies the 15min Video presentation IGNITEpresentation~16h45

"Early warning systems offer best hope for disaster prevention" The FINANCIAL May7th

FINANCIAL Saturday, May 7, 2011 News Making Money Early warning systems offer best hope for disaster prevention 06/05/2011 09:01 (1 Day 03:24 minutes ago) The FINANCIAL — The earthquake and tsunami that struck the north-eastern coast of Japan on 11 March, was a tragedy for the thousands of people who lost their lives and livelihoods. …

Latest independent Test News Report 25-4-2011

Latest independent Test News Report 25-4-2011 from within China , Chengdu http://news.sina.com.cn/c/2011-04-25/162422355103.shtml [Translation of NewsPaper Report] http://www.sina.com.cn 16:24 April,25th,2011 ChinaNews (http://www.chinanews.com/gn/2011/04-25/2996459.shtml) April 25th Xinhua Chengdu (Week Didier) “The latest earthquake early warning system developed in Chengdu  Only 4 seconds after the earthquake, earthquake early warning issued” “Twenty-two, twenty-one…” at 13:05:45 on April 25th, the latest …

Campaigns supported by SOLUZION

Setting the Scene Hazard profiles presented on PreventionWeb http://www.preventionweb.net/english/hazards/statistics/?hid=60 This hazard profiles presented on PreventionWeb is an analysis of the mortality and economic loss risk for Earthquakes. It sets the scene outlining the consequences of Earthquakes and other Natural Hazards. It identifies the vulnerability of specific countries which host the communities within the “Making Cities Resilient: My …

Western China has built the world’s largest earthquake early warning system

Western China has built the world’s largest earthquake early warning system Mar 18, 2013 2:09 Source: Chinanews.com 2018 updates in Red By Zhou Didi and Liu Yanjun (China news agency, Chengdu ) The Institute of Care-life,[ICL]Chengdu, which is supported by the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology, China Earthquake Administration and Sichuan Bureau of Science …

Prioritization & Methodology

Prioritization   This must address the lack of early warnings for the potential instant devastating events such as Earthquakes and Tsunamis and Tornados, Flash Floods, Landslides. However this does not mean that the safe build programs are omitted, withdrawn or scaled down or that DR Education is cut back and even not initiated. All approaches …

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