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Retail opportunities


…..We need Potential retailers within the Cities and Towns and Communities ideally with access to National or Regional Distribution networks  to promote and sell and install the SOLUZION System devices. Training provided.

This is a unique opportunity to join a Global Leader in ‘Real Time Early Warning Systems’, with todate no comprehensive competition. SOLUZION provides numerous answers to establishing ‘Real Time Early Warning’ Networks for Seismic events, Wildfires, adverse Meteriological events, Volcanic Eruption, Tsunami and Floods plus Landslides and Glacier breakout and avalanches. SOLUZION not only provides proven Chinese pioneered technology of sensors but also provides a comprehensive Chinese pioneered ‘state of the art’ communication system, potentially networked throughout a Country or Region or infact Globally; using our own secure independant wireless comms……. and/or existing Satilite links, the direct Ethernet, plus SMS technology via all mobile phone networks…..and independant pager systems direct to every individual, even if out of hearing of  installed system devices.

The sales opportunities are endless.

The SOLUTION Partnership, derived from DRR Experts, protects the Brand and protects the Integrity of the system by controlling distribution, sales, installation, servicing, development, franchise and licencing

If you believe you can add asset value to the SOLUZION System as a retailer……then contact the SOLUZION Team