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Personal Earthquake P-Wave Sensor Alarms – for the Home & Office

The  SOLUZION  team require Wholesalers for supply to retailers or control direct sales in country via ‘mail order’ to the home and workplace. We can offer wider opportunities and access to the ‘comprehensive network systems’ for installation within whole Cities and Towns through private investment or administrations.

The public can be protected today….and the ‘off shelf’ domestic devices are ‘system ready’ operating independantly [with a minimum of two devices in proximity] and these will automatically be integrated within any future  ‘SOLUZION network’ once it comes to your Community, City or Region.

The sensors detect the P-Wave which travels ahead of the destructive S-Wave. The difference in the  arrival of the two waves , allows a real time of multiple seconds early warning, enabling individuals to take immediate precautionary actions in preparation to the earthquakes arrival; vital seconds of early warning making the potential difference between life and death.

Wholesale:  email  for more specifc details of your nearest wholesaler or IF you want to be a Wholesaler   or simply with your enquiries or requirements



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