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The SOLUZION Team has created a ‘briefing document’ for potential Retailers and Wholesalers, describing how the SOLUZION System works, identifying how the vital extra seconds of ‘real time early warning’ are generated for the ‘non-networked’ individual sensor devices, available to purchase in advance of a SOLUZION System Network being installed within their community.

MAIL ORDER SALES are available in certain Countries. Enquire using the ‘auto enquiry’  right of page or email through this email enquiry link

Domestic Devices 6Y2 Specifications and Instructions

Normally sold in pairs, through  national wholesalers, retailer outlets and Mail Order direct via this website, the Home/Office ‘easy to install’ sensor/ alarm devices provide 99.999% reliability of ‘none false alarms’, sensing the incoming p-wave, ahead of the destructive       s-wave, waking you from sleep, alerting you verbally of the earthquake, warning you to ‘take appropriate actions’, whether you are trained to the recommended ‘Duck Cover & Hold’  or to evacuate from dangerous structures or move away from dangerous machinery or substances. The SOLUZION Home/Office installed sensor alarms are as vital as a fire alarm, within seismic risk environments.

These Individual devices are already programmed to be immediately integrated within  any SOLUZION System Network that is later installed within your community by Government of Agency, thus allowing you then to be networked into the even more dynamic real time early warning alarm system, providing at least twice the seconds of warning of an incoming earthquake. Plus you then become part of a potential dynamic ‘drill alert system’ within your community, activated by the Emergency Coordination Centre/ Disaster Management Agencies, helping you prepare for the numerous types of Natural Hazard which might pose risk to your communities.

So now you can be ‘immediately’ one step ahead of your Government and ‘immediately’ protect your Family, Work Staff and Key Personnell……. and yourself!

Read the brief, linked below, for more details and to purchase, contact the SOLUZION Team by email

Retail Direct Purchase Brief [opens as a pdf]

Soluzion Domestic device specifications

Domestic Devices 6Y2 Specifications and Instructions

Mail Order:

Personal Earthquake P-Wave Sensor Alarms – for the Home & Office SOLUZION Mail Order Personal Earthquake P-Wave Sensor Alarms – for the Home & Office If you do not live within a SOLUZION networked area, you can still aquire a personal set of devices for your home and workplace. You can be protected today….and your …

Retail opportunities

WANTED….WANTED….WANTED …..We need Potential retailers within the Cities and Towns and Communities ideally with access to National or Regional Distribution networks  to promote and sell and install the SOLUZION System devices. Training provided. This is a unique opportunity to join a Global Leader in ‘Real Time Early Warning Systems’, with todate no comprehensive competition. SOLUZION provides numerous answers to …

Wholesale Opportunities

SOLUZION  Wholesale Personal Earthquake P-Wave Sensor Alarms – for the Home & Office The  SOLUZION  team require Wholesalers for supply to retailers or control direct sales in country via ‘mail order’ to the home and workplace. We can offer wider opportunities and access to the ‘comprehensive network systems’ for installation within whole Cities and Towns through private investment …