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Launch of SOLUZION

The First Dynamic Natural Hazard Real Time Early
Warning Integrated Sensor Alarm Networked System

A dynamic multi hazard communication earthquake and
landslide early warning sensor  alarm
system providing extended real time early warnings, capable of integrating with
all existing natural hazard alarm systems,
networked directly to Governments, Critical Facilities and the Individual

Launch  on May 11th 2011 at the

UN Global Platform for Disaster Risk
Reduction Third Session.

Geneva Switzerland 8-13May 2011


A Consortium ofChineseScientists[Institute of Care Life] and International Disaster Reduction Consultants [Verus Vicis SOLUZION Consortio LLP] after four years of developing the dynamic real time early warning system branded SOLUZION launch to the world at the UN Global Platform Geneva offering both a networked system for governments and critical infrastructure plus integrated personal devices for the home and individual, communicating extended time of early warnings prior to earthquake shock waves, landslides and numerous other natural hazards striking communities, industry, military facilities, supply infrastructure, hospitals and schools.


The Challenge:

What if everyone could get ‘real time’ early warnings of Earthquakes, Landslides, Tsunamis, Cyclones and Floods, straight into their homes, offices, hospital and school? SOLUZION now offers the opportunity to Governments, Emergency Services, Military and Industry to protect its citizens, personnel and
employees and critical supply infrastructure! “In fact SOLUZION offers this opportunity direct to every individual” A dynamic solution of natural hazard event sensor integration and extensive alarm communication providing realistic early warnings

What the SOLUZION system provides:

An opportunity to integrate with other hazard type early warning systems providing a united communication and data integration facility, relaying real time warnings through Disaster Management Centres potentially to every individual within an affected region using Wireless, Ethernet, Satellite and SMS technology and additional bespoke pagers. The inherent dynamics within all SOLUZION sensors, relays, transceivers and software systems allows a multitude of future opportunities to develop and integrate as real time early warning technology and ‘reliable prediction’ science unfolds within multiple hazard types.

How does SOLUZION create the early warning?

The sensors detect the P-Wave which travels ahead of the destructive S-Wave. Sensing and communicating the difference in the arrival of the two waves, allows a real time of multiple seconds early warning, enabling individuals to take immediate precautionary actions in preparation to the earthquakes arrival; these vital seconds of early warning makes the potential difference between life and death, ensuring that individuals are not taken by surprise whilst in work, at school or at home asleep

SOLUZION could dramatically reduce the casualty costs.

“ In Japan 2 seconds of early warning time can reduce casualties by 25% with 5 seconds warning potentially reducing casualty rates by 80%” Japan (REIC)

The ‘crucial SOLUZION difference’ is that it extends real time early warnings beyond all existing ‘p-wave receiving’ technologies by a radio broadcast from its’ epi-centre devices leapfrogging the p-wave within the networked region providing up to twice the early warning time of other existing systems

Seismic event ‘casualty cost’
case study

Table 3 Value of casualties in the 1994 Northridge Earthquake,USA in 1994 US$ (Porter et al., in press).

Seismic event ‘casualty cost’ case study [full doc link]

Table 3 Value of casualties in the 1994 Northridge Earthquake,USA in 1994 US$ (Porter et al., in press).

If injuries in the 1994 Northridge earthquake are representative of injuries in future U.S. events, then the economic value of future earthquake injuries— the amount that the U.S. government would deem appropriate to expend to prevent all such injuries—is on the order of $200 million per year (in 2005 constant dollars). Of this figure, 96% is associated with nonfatal injuries.

A key SOLUZION Development

The system provides a “fast earthquake disaster reporting system”, where the software is now able to report the intensity and distribution of quakes almost immediately after they strike using the networked SOLUZION System devices. It took more than 2 days to realize the disaster distribution in China 2008 earthquake. Now SOLUZION can determine the scale of a seismic event within three minutes inside a networked region.

Cost of the Micro to Macro SOLUZION system:

The comparison between only a ‘Million $’ to SOLUZION net work a City, and the potential casualty costs of a 1b$ and the comparison between under ‘$100’ to install SOLUZION devices in the home and the price of a life, highlights how affordable and cost effective SOLUZION is, not only minimizing loss of life but also casualty $costs Administrations

SOLUZION Micro to Macro installation:

The Macro SOLUZION is instigated by Governments, Military, Commercial and Agencies Stakeholders with the ability to install a network over a Community, Town, City, Region or whole Country. This provides a comprehensive robust sensor monitoring and communication system, maximizing the early warning response system to multiple hazard types.

The Micro SOLUZION enables individuals and the community to purchase personal domestic sensor alarms, integrating freely into an installed network system and capable to stand alone with a range of easy to install devices for their homes and offices, allowing the creation of an independent micro network system for their community.


World leading Chinese Scientists[CareLife Institute. Chengdu] and International Disaster Risk Reduction Experts [Verus Vicis SOLUZION Consortio LLP. London] combine Together Creating the Dynamic SOLUZION‘ for providing an integrated multiple hazard ‘Real Time Early Warning’ system to Governments, Industry, Hospitals, Schools and Individuals, offering an gigantic advance in disaster resilience for vulnerable communities throughout the world.

The SOLUZION Team are seeking to collaborate with Seismologists to develop prediction integration with; the SOLUZION system and address strategic sociological messaging and training; Early Warning interest groups who wish to develop Real Time Early Warning dynamics and multiple system integration; existing Early Warning System providers wishing to share the SOLUZION communication system and develop networking strategies.

The SOLUZION team wants to work with you. This is not a competition but  it is a race to save lives.















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