Fuel Efficiency generation

We are actively looking for Fleet managers, Couriers and installation facilities to install, proof trial and operate this proven system.

We can establish immediately that our ‘Existing Technology’ allows us to generate up to 30% [40% in certain circumstances, 10% is confident, 20% normal] fuel efficiency savings in motor vehicle, shipping and airline industries, but to date has not been taken up seriously. The question is why?  Maybe the time has come to revisit the old industrial protectionism excuses for the benefit of mankind and not the balance sheet.

One Magnetic fuel modifier device installed within the fuel line can not only decrease toxic-exhaust gases content several times but equally generates an potential fuel economy of between 10 to 30%, allowing the ‘payoff’ of the device within a month  of its exploitation; additionally the device allows the engine to receive increased capacity [the vehicle becomes ‘lighter’ with the life of the engine parts increasing considerable]; even low-quality gasoline starts to provide the performance of hi-octane gasoline.  Special attention to this device should be paid by car-owners from  countries where fuel quality does not correspond to high international standards. Low quality fuel ruins details of the engine very quickly. In this case the fuel modifier is essential with difference being noticed very soon.

The Magnetic fuel modifier is suitable for usage with any kind of fuel (petrol, diesel, kerosene, liquid gas) and results from the Argentine, Russia and UAE are always positive. The device can be used in any kind of automobiles (Cars, Jeeps, Trucks & Buses) and sea vessels (Yachts, Boats & Ships).. using injector or carburettor systems. Even at only 10% this fuel modifier device will pay for itself within a high road use vehicle within one month and yet potentially save you thousands within the year









See here a small leaflet dispayed to offer some indication of previous trials and operational data. Further presentations are available upon request.

ES Fuel Saving Document Pages1-2

ES Fuel Saving Document Pages3-4

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