Within the SOLUZION Team and our Platform of technologies, we are always looking for new solutions to global and regional DRR challenges. Under our umbrella of contacts, partners and scientists, we have access to a wide range of established technologies, environment experts and collaborators within developing technologies, addressing activities from rain enhancement to decontamination systems to high rise buildings fire fighting technology. We welcome new ideas, regardless of your peers viewpoints. We do not fund projects. We connect, appraise and support development from inception to launch to market establishment. From within Dubai, UAE, the heart of innovation, we believe that many of todays environmental challenges can be addressed, supported by open minds, a political will and a strong platform of expertise. 

[UNCCD Holistic Approach Drought Pacification paper – 21st Century Environmental Technology]

Here is one example of technology that potentilly has a wide beneficial impact upon all of our daily lives:
Water Modification devices… enhancing agricultural productivity & marginal land performance & desalination of soils & improving human health whilst reducing consumption needs
Fuel Modification Devices …to attain upto 40% better efficiency & reductions in Co2 emissions & increased engine power & improved engine longevity in Motor vehicles, Shipping & Aviation
Liquid Pollution reduction… through water content modification, sewage treatment, clearing ponds, lakes, pools and water coarses Plus Oil sludge seperation and recycling
Air pollution dispersment and control over cities…….
Ground decontamination…….. brown field, ex -industrial, landfill accelerated rejuvination,  desalination recovery  of inherant salt contaminated agricultural ground
Micro Climate adjustment… generating percipitation,  percipitation intervention, sandstorm intervention, fog abatement

ILAP Briefing for enhancing Rain

Humanitarian contributions……..drought pacifier system by activating targeted percipitation, reduced human water consumption requirements, desalination recovery of post Tsunami inundated ground  

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Introductory Statement

Fuel / Co2 Efficiency & Water Resource / Pollution Management

Carbon footprints seem to be the key area of concern. Co2 Emissions, fossil fuel consumption, alternative energy sourcing. However whilst the fuel use has adverse affects upon the earth, Drinking water is by far the most vulnerable resource and its availability will potentially  create the world’s greatest environmental and security challenge in the future. Consequently whilst we concentrate our attention on the importance of Co2 emissions and energy supply mechanisms, behind the scenes develops our biggest challenge of how to use our most vital life supporting and fragile resource effectively and diligently, Water.

We can establish immediately that our ‘Existing Magnetic Technology’ allows us to generate up to 40% fuel efficiency savings in motor vehicle, shipping and airline industries, but to date has not been taken up seriously. The question is why and maybe the time has come to revisit the old industrial protectionism excuses for the benefit of mankind and not the balance sheet.

One Magnetic fuel modifier device installed within the fuel line can not only decrease toxic-exhaust gases content several times but equally generates an average fuel economy of between 25 to 30%, allowing the ‘payoff’ of the device within a week  of its exploitation; additionally the device allows the engine to receive increased capacity [the vehicle becomes ‘lighter’ with the life of the engine parts increasing considerable]; even low-quality gasoline starts to provide the performance of hi-octane gasoline.  Special attention to this device should be paid by car-owners from countries where fuel quality does not correspond to high international standards. Low quality fuel ruins details of the engine very fast. In this case the fuel modifier is essential with difference being noticed very soon.

The Magnetic fuel modifier is suitable for usage with any kind of fuel (petrol, diesel, kerosene, gas) and results from the Argentine, Russia and UAE are always positive. The device can be used in any kind of automobiles (Cars, Jeeps, Trucks & Buses) and sea vessels (Yachts, Boats & Ships).. using injector or carburettor systems.

The Magnetic water modifier tackles the next challenge, enhancing water, maximising its potential and conserving its usage. Normal water consists of random molecules with limited ability to penetrate cell structures. Magnetised water molecule clusters are reorganised into formal structures, easily passing through cell walls in an orderly fashion also protecting the biological molecule maintaining its electrons from absorption by oxygen.

Consequentially Agriculture benefits multi-fold with increase in crop production; quality of agriculture products improves; Plant disease rate decrease; vegetation periods decrease; consumption of fertilizers decrease; the need for crop materials decreases; active soil desalination takes place; salty water can be used for watering; and significantly less water is required for irrigation. Plus marginal lands become capable of sustaining high grade plants with above average grade land produce expectations.

Water pollution is tackled easily minimising molecule suspension enabling the clearing of ponds, lakes, reservoirs and water courses Plus enabling more efficient and quicker waste oil separation within settlement tanks adequate for recycling for high grade usage.


MAGNETIC RAIN 1. MAGNETIC AIR-SPRAY ION GENERATORS AS THE MEANS OF FORMING RAIN CLOUDS The below information is an extract from Prof. Yuri Tkachenko’s thesis at the International Symposium “Sustainable Management of Salt Affected Soils in the Arid Ecosystem” held in Cairo, Egypt on September 26, 1996. When talking about magnetic aerosol fountains it implies …

The basics of “How it works within Liquids”

Changing of basic physical-chemical properties of water after its magnetic treatment

Water is Our Nemesis

Davos Oral Presentation 2016 Resilient Cities Require Resilient Water Resource Management Water is our Nemesis Garry de la Pomerai SOLUZION VVSC LLC, UAE We all recognise that fast growing Cities need a sustainable supply of usable water. However with global water resources remaining constant but its quality and  its management deteriorating, water is mankind’s nemesis. …


MAGNETIC TREATMENT OF NATURAL WATER “SOLUZION” offers this as a discussion topic Over the last decades, condition of rivers, lakes and other springs of fresh water have changed drastically. Just a few years ago, this water could be used for irrigation, everyday use and fish-breeding. Today, many of these water springs have become sewage, in …

Desalination & Decontamination of Soil

Desalination and Decontamination of Soils “Magnetic Tehnologies” Agricultural benefits Construction Industry benefits Contaminated Ground reclamation benefits When preliminary magnetization of salt water [even brackish water]is carried out using devices produced by “Magnetic Technologies” company, formation of incrustations is prevented in the pores of soil …………………….and capillaries of plants   When salt incrusted ground is flushed …

Red Tide Algae Solution

Red_tide MT solution briefing [v2]

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